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Essential Boat Handling: Mastering Boat Maneuvers™ Training Course

Take your boating skills to the next level with our boating training course focusing on essential boat handling maneuvers such as docking, launching, trailer pulling, navigating buoys, and more!

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What’s included in our boating training course?

Virtual Instructor

Pat Jacobs serves as the virtual instructor for the course, offering guidance and support throughout the learning journey. Leveraging advanced chat AI technology, Pat is readily available to assist students at the conclusion of each chapter.

Boat Handling and Docking Simulators

Put your knowledge to the test with realistic boat handling simulators for docking and towing your boat. Get a hang for the different maneuverability techniques before practicing in real life.

Interactive Videos and 3D Models

Instructional videos and interactive 3D diagrams make the learning experience fun and learning retention easy. Easily remember concepts with an engaging and proactive training course.

7 Chapters of Engaging Content

Learn to navigate the waters with our 7-chapter boat training course, covering everything from driving and docking to emergency procedures. Gain hands-on experience and practical tips to confidently operate a boat and maneuver a trailer with ease.

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No boat license yet? Get certified with Drive a Boat Canada

Mastering maneuverability, docking, and trailering techniques through our secondary boat training course will take your boating knowledge to advanced levels, but holding an official boat license is still required to practice in real life. That’s why Drive a Boat Canada provides the Transport Canada-approved course to obtain your Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

Get your official Canadian boating license with Drive a Boat Canada now!