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The Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC – boating license) is proof that you have successfully completed a Canadian safe boating exam. One of the easiest ways to get your PCOC is to do take the boating license test online with Drive a Boat Canada, one of Canada’s leading course providers accredited by Transport Canada. Once you have your Pleasure Craft Operator Card, it is good for life.

Taking your exam online is the simplest and quickest way to get your Canada boating license.

Boater registration fees

The safe boating test includes a standard one-time fee of $49.95 plus taxes.

This includes the issuance of a temporary Pleasure Craft Operator Card (upon successful completion of the test) and also a permanent boat license that will be mailed to you. If you do not succeed, you can retry the boating course as much as you need at no extra cost.

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Our simple 3-step online boating course

Apply for Pleasure Craft license

Fill out our boating license application form in full with accurate and updated information. The information provided will be used to mail your Canadian boating license. You’ll get an email acknowledging receipt of payment once your details have been verified. Then you’re all set to begin the online boating course!

Study for the boat exam

Our Pleasure Craft license study guide is divided into 5 easy to learn chapters and can be accessed on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. Once each chapter is done, you will be prompted to complete a short multiple-choice quiz. Each quiz is automatically scored and 8 out of 10 questions answered correctly will take you to the next chapter.

Take the online boating course and print your card

Your final step is to take the official Transport Canada Boating Safety Test and print your temporary Pleasure Craft Operator Card. Once you pass the test, you will be fully prepared to enjoy the water and boat with safety and confidence for life!

We have been training boaters since 1999

At Drive a Boat Canada, our mission is to make getting your Canadian boat license as easy and intuitive as possible. Since 1999, we’ve helped over 2 million Canadians safely drive a boat in Canada with our industry-leading study guide.

If you have any questions about applying and studying for the online boating test, or if you need a Pleasure Craft Operator Card replacement, don’t hesitate to contact us today and we’ll be glad to answer you.