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Marine Certificates

If you are the holder of a marine certificate recognized by Transport Canada, you can carry your certificate (or a copy is acceptable) on board as proof of competency. If the marine certificate is not issued by Transport Canada and the holder still wishes to obtain his PCOC he will be required to pass the Transport Canada official exam.

List of certificates of competency, training certificates and other equivalencies accepted as proof of competency:

  • Master mariner;
  • Master, intermediate voyage;
  • Master, local voyage;
  • First mate, intermediate voyage;
  • First mate, local voyage;
  • Watchkeeping mate, ship;
  • Restricted watchkeeping mate, ship;
  • Watchkeeping mate, MODU/surface;
  • Watchkeeping mate, MODU/self-elevating;
  • Watchkeeping mate, MODU/inland;
  • Master, ship of not more than 350 tons, gross tonnage, or tug, local voyage;
  • Master, limited;
  • First mate, limited;
  • Fishing master, first-class;
  • Fishing master, second-class;
  • Fishing master, third-class;
  • Fishing master, fourth-class;
  • Certificate of service as master of a fishing vessel of not more than 100 tons, gross tonnage;
  • Certificate of service as master of a ship of not more than 1600 tons, gross tonnage;
  • Bridge watchman;
  • Proficiency in fast rescue boats;
  • MED-A4