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What is a Notice to Mariners (NOTMAR)?

June 2, 2023

If you’re a boater, mariner, or involved in any type of waterway activities, you’ve probably heard of a Notice to Mariners (NOTMAR). But what exactly is a NOTMAR and what is its purpose?

What is the purpose of a Notice to Mariners?

The main purpose of a NOTMAR is to help ensure the safety of vessels, their crew, and the environment by providing timely and accurate information about changes in navigational conditions or hazards and are typically issued by government agencies responsible for maritime safety.

Some changes are sudden and unpredictable when boating, whereas others are related to manmade laws or human activity and are marked by different types of buoys, NOTMAR’s keep you up to date on all the important aspects of boating.

Who is a Notice to Mariners for?

Notice to Mariners are for mariners, boaters, and even pilots. Ultimately, anyone who operates or relies on vessels in a particular waterway can benefit from regularly checking NOTMARs to stay informed about any changes or updates that may affect their safety.

What information does a Notice to Mariners contain?

A Notice to Mariners contain important information that mariners need to know. This can include updates on navigational charts, changes in water depths or obstructions, temporary closures or restrictions in a particular area, or any other navigational information that may be relevant to mariners. Note there is different content in monthly and annual editions.

Notice to Mariners example

Visit the Government of Canada’s website for an example of a Notice to Mariners (NOTMAR).

Where to download a Notice to Mariners

The electronic publication is prepared jointly with the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) and the Canadian Hydrographic Services (CHS) and can be downloaded at the NOTMAR website.

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By regularly checking NOTMARs, mariners can stay informed about any changes or hazards that may affect their voyages and take appropriate action to ensure their safety. For more information on safety and boating take the official boating exam online or contact us.