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What is a Pleasure Craft Courtesy Check?

July 29, 2022

A Pleasure Craft Courtesy Check is a safety check for recreational vessels under 20 m offered by certain organizations on behalf of Transport Canada. The courtesy check service is entirely voluntary and free of charge.

At the request of the pleasure craft operator, a trained volunteer will board the docked vessel and conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that it is in compliance with regulations. This involves verifying that all required boating safety equipment is on board and in good working order.

If all requirements are met, the volunteer will issue a safety inspection sticker marked with the year that can be affixed to the vessel. Otherwise, the volunteer will identify the problems and clearly explain what is needed to rectify them. There is no penalty for failing a courtesy check.

What is the main purpose of a Pleasure Craft Courtesy Check?

The purpose of the Pleasure Craft Courtesy Check Program is education and prevention. Safety checks are offered to raise awareness about boating safety requirements and help boaters understand their responsibilities on the water.

Undergoing a Pleasure Craft Courtesy Check is a good way for boaters to avoid the $200 fine for the boating offence of failing to have the required safety equipment readily accessible and in good condition, since they can find out what they need to rectify without incurring any penalties. The program is a positive, supportive way to increase compliance with regulations, thereby reducing the number of boating accidents and improving the safety of those on the water.

Which organizations provide free courtesy checks?

Transport Canada has authorized certain organizations to perform Pleasure Craft Courtesy Checks on its behalf. These include:

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